What is Hail?

Hail is a type of rain which are balls of ice called hail stones fall from the sky,But for the hail formation following conditions are necessary

                                      Firstly There must be a thunderstorm cloud                                                                                                    Secondly The upper portion of a cloud should be below freezing temperature                                           Thirdly The cloud should have a great vertical height                                                                                       Fourthly It should have high water content                                                                       Lastly There must be strong up rising winds called updrafts

Now according to a recent study hail begins to form when updrafts lift upward the water droplets present at the bottom of a cloud ,now as they ascend the freezing temperature causes the droplets to turn into tiny hail stones ,then as the updrafts push these hail stones even higher.More droplets freeze onto them  creating larger hail stones

 Eventually when these hail stone becomes too heavy for the updraft to hold they fall causing hail. 

How do snowflakes form?

A snowflake begins to form when a super cool water droplet in a sky freezes onto a dust particle or pollen forming a tiny ice crystal  .However when water freezes its molecules arrange themselves in hexagonal pattern thus giving crystal a hexagonal shape .

Now as the ice crystal keeps falling it comes in contact with more water as a result the water starts freezing on the six corners of the ice crystal causing branches to grow on a corner and thus giving us a beautiful snowflake.

Also as the atmosphere conditions are the same on all sides of snowflake ,the branches grow identically thus making the snowflake symmetrical but since every snowflake follows a different pattern to the ground it encounters different atmosphere conditions hence it is said that no two snowflakes are the same , the all tend to be unique 

Why is snow wight?

Sunlight or wight light is a combination of all visible color of light. When light falls on an object , it may absorb some colors of light and reflect the remaining colors.The colors which are reflected by an object make up its color

For example when light  falls on an apple , it absorbs all other colors except the red.Apple reflects red color making it appear red.When light falls on coal it absorbs all colors and does not reflect any color hence coal appears black to us

Now snow does not absorbs any color of light and reflects all of them equally  .As the combination of all colors light is wight light, snow appears wight to us.

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