What if we swallow chewing gum?

Firstly:It cannot stick to our stomach just like it sticks to any other substance

It passes through the body just like any other food.Our body is able to digest many parts of the chewing gum like Sweetener, flavoring e.t.c but not the gum resin  but that is not means that it stays in our stomach for  just like any other materials it is passed through our body, so there is no use of swallowing a chewing because it has no nutritional value.

Subtance float in salted water

When egg is added in a glass of water it sinks down 

When salt is added in water and then a substance like egg is add into it it floats becuase salt combining with water produce the upward force 

And after filling the half of the water glass with salt and boiled egg , if water is added to full the glass the egg look suspended in a glass 

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