Erdogan tour to Pakistan
Erdogan tour to Pakistan
Turkish President Erdogan Tour to Pakistan

Turk President tour to Pakistan

Turk President Rajab Tayab Erdogan is on the two days tour of Pakistan for very important and particular issue about both countries relations and certain strategic and economic purposes.


He has been warm welcomed by prime minister Imran Khan and parliamentarian.


Certain agreements Memorandum of understandings(MOU’s) were signed in this regards between the both of the countries PAKISTAN and TURKEY.These are about the collaborative business between the Pakistan and turkey.Business of about 5 billion dollars($) has been talked by Turk president Erdogan
Many different agreements like tourism, information technology ,and media industry were signed.

Public Interest Indstries

TRP agreement were signed upon the combined media of both turkey and Pakistan as the Turkish growing media and film industry.
Turk president said that turkish hospitals are more advanced than other western countries.
Turk President and turk is with Pakistan at the Kashmir issue, Very aggressive stance by Turk President Erdogan on Kashmir and Islamophobia issue.
Prime minster Imran Khan said that Turk can help us on tourism, construction and economy and industrialization.


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