Share Something.

Here is the most innovative portable social media society.
You can promote your niche ,your business, your offers,your links or you can share your pictures,your memory
pictures,videos,thoughts,ideas e.t.c in this social media.

Why Hatbook?

Interesting Information Posts

Anyone can who is logged in or not can access and read the articles ,blog posts ,forums and many other things and have an advantage of whole information, very interesting way of presenting information in this social media website.

Share any pictures

Upload and share any media files photos or videos you want to socialize.This can give your pictures a shine of glory

Groups and discussion forum

Feel free to create a groups and add members in it. Groups are created for interaction with other people for sake of something we are interested in

You can post and make friends

Post whatever you want an open social communicatio platform of making your friends

Collaborating with projects

Collaborate with others uploaded projects or create or upload your own project here

Message and Chats

In this social era of online communication hatbook is a significant way of delivering the messages In this social media platform you can chat with one or in a group , message anyone publicly or privately

Play with files and documents

Any one can upload/download documents share their files and can get benefit from already shared files

The growing online field of communication you can socialize your interesting way of interacting with advance social media
Gull e Rehman

Social Social Social

Online Hai

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