Pura (The Home Fragrance Gadget)


Pura device will provide pleasant atmosphere to your home
Actually pura is a small Spenser which will provide home your favorite perfume fragrance.
Manufacturers offers 20 different types of smells with this gadget
in which fruits , green tea ,jasmine and more other flavors are included.
It provide specific fragrance at specific time according to the settings
Sensors in this are amazing that when home owner is not in home it will automatically turn off , and prevent perfume from wasting. 
You can also control this device with a mobile application ,with this application you can activate it from anywhere when you are coming to home and when you reach the home, the home would
be smelling with your favorite perfume fragrance.
This spray is harmless for children

Pura is very amazing device that keeps your sweet and freshly smelling with your favorite fragrance 

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