Is rubbing your eyes good or bad?

We usually rub our eyes due to lack of sleep or to remove dusts or irritants etc.

Now sometimes rubbing our eyes for brief period can be good because it activates the release of tears which lubricates our eyes.Rubbing even stimulates the vagus nerve which in turn slows down our heart beat helping release stress.However don’t make it a habit.

Firstly: Continuous rubbing can cause the outer layer of our eyes called cornea to get thin, weakened and conical causing a disease known as “keratoconus” thus leading to distorted vision.

Secondly: If there is an irritant, that you trying to remove it by rubbing , that irritant can end up scratching our cornea.

Lastly: If people suffering from “GLAUCOMA” rub their eyes, it can lead to extra increase in fluid pressure further damaging the optic nerve eventually leading to blindness.

  • Is rubbing your eyes good or bad?

What if we stopped sleeping?

If you stay awake for around 24 hours , something completely opposite will happen  , you will feel energetic and happy ..Why? Because the brains secretes the extra dopamine (happy hormone to compensate for lack of sleep) but this doesn’t lasts a long. After 48 hours of staying awake, body start shedding down, you feel exhausted as body cannot metabolize glucose properly, lowering the energy supply,immune system weakens .You start looking pale and make impulsive discussions. Continuing to stay awake can lead to hallucination making it difficult to understand what is real.

In a study, a student called randy garner went without sleep for 11 days, though he is alright now. This is not recommended as study shown that 14 days without sleep can lead to the death.

  • What if we stopped sleeping?
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