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If you are using windows either on Laptop , PC or Computer(Desktop),short keys are important because it can reduce effort , time and less rely on mouse even in a laptop.Its not important that you are doing some type work or not.If you are working some other work instead of writing or typing , Its also for You.Even you are not working it can prove beneficial for You , so without any further ado.Let’s take a look and enjoy!

I am talking about Windows 10 right now

Windows(Screen) Adjustment:

Any screen or window you have opened and you are working on.You can adjust the view, minimize,maximize it by
simple two short keys you merely know. These are  Windows 10 windows short key button +short keys  (Windows + Arrows up ,down ,right and left keys).

For Browser!

Windows or Tab:

  • For Opening a new window, use Ctrl+T instead of hitting the plus button.
  • For Closing an existing window use Ctrl+W.
  • For Switching to the next window use Ctrl+Tab in a browser.
  • For Switching to the previous window or tab , use Ctrl+Shift+Tab.
  • For Moving to the particular page or tab use Ctrl+any number key for that window you want to move e.g 1,2,3,4.
  • Ctrl+Shift+T , Reopen the previously closed tab.
  • For Refreshing a page use Ctrl+R.
  • Esc for Stop the Refreshing.

Searching and Finding:

  • For Searching something rather than bringing mouse to the search_bar,use Ctrl+E.
  • For Selecting and Typing on the Address bar , use Ctrl+L or Alt+D.
  • Of Course for the cut , copy and past the URL , use Ctrl+X , Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
  • To Move to the particular position or tab on the web page , use Tab Button.
  • To Find Something on the page or words you can use Ctrl+F.
  • Ctrl+G automatic find the typed word.

You May Know:

  • For Printing a page by Ctrl+P.
  • Ctrl+’+’ to zoom in.
  • Ctrl+’-‘ to zoom out.
  • Ctrl+0 for default zooming level.
  • Ctrl+U to view the page source.
  • Ctrl+S to save the web-page in computer.
  • Ctrl+H to see the browser’s history.
  • Ctrl+J to go to the downloads.
  • Ctrl+N to open the new browser window.


  • For Scrolling use arrow keys or page up or down keys.
  • Oh This is very interesting , to open any file or video or picture in the browser , use that Ctrl+O.
  • You can access the top right menu of the browser by pressing Alt+E or Alt+F.


  • To Bookmark a Particular page that you want to visit again or you don’t have time or you can forget about that page or URL , you can use Bookmark it by Ctrl+D(This will show on a browser’s Bookmark bar at the top)
  • Use Ctrl+Shift+B to show or hide the Book Mark Bar.
  • To Open a Bookmark Manager , use Ctrl+Shift+O.


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  1. Ctrl+shift+T for opening the closed tab
    Alt+E or Alt+F for moving to the top right menu of the browser..

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