HOT SHOWER VS COLD SHOWER which is better?

Lets have a look at the advantages of cold shower first

Advantages of cold shower:

As we are warm blooded the sudden sensation of cold water awakens our body, thus making us feel fresh and alert.

Secondly:  Many scientist believe that when our body suddenly comes in contact with cold water it sends the electrical impulses to our brain helping boost our mood in the process

Lastly: Cold shower makes our body to weight loss as our body might burn more fats to generate heat.

Advantages of hot shower

Firstly: Scientist believe that hot shower lead to the release of hormone called oxytocine , easing the anxiety and stress.

Secondly: As hot shower can help clear the nasel passage they might be beneficial for a person suffering from cold.

Thirdly:  Hot water can help release tension and stiffness in our muscles

Lastly:  Hot water can kill bacteria, thus preventing infections

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Is too much salt is bad for us?

Is too much salt is bad for us ?

Salt is basically sodium chloride (Na-Cl). It is important for various bodily functions such as transmitting nerve impulses, digestion etc.However:

Firstly: When too much salt enters our blood, the water content in our blood rises, increasing the volume of blood as a result our heart works harder than usual.

Secondly:  As more blood flows through the blood vessels, it put strain on their walls .Over time, this causes the walls to grow thicker,narrowing  the vessels and thus increasing our blood pressure.In addition to this, narrowing of blood vessels means less oxygen and nutrient get transported to the cells increases the risk of dymentia, stroke and heart attacks.

Lastly:  To remove access salt our kidney use more water and remove it most frequently, thus leaving us dehydrated and thirsty.

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