What is BMI(Body Mass Index)

BMI stands for body mass index.It is used to check whether we have a healthy weight according to our height.BMI is calculated by dividing a persons weight in kilogram with its height in meters square                                   


If BMI is 18.49 or below, it indicates that the person is under-weight.

BMI of 18.5 to 24.99 is considered as normal weight.

25 to 29.99 is overweight.

BMI of 30 or more is considered as obese(fat).

Thus BMI helps doctors to categorize our overall health.However some experts think that this method is not accurate because BMI dose not distinguish b/w “fat” and “muscle mass”, so e.g if a person has more well defined muscle mass and less fat levels,Bmi will categorize this as obese

Also, if person having less muscle mass and more amount of harmful visceral fat, may be considered healthy by BMI.

Lastly:  Bmi doesn’t even take it to account an individual’s age, gender, etc.

  • What is BMI

Morning Exercise

In a study it was found that people who exercised before having breakfast burn double amount of fat than those who exercise after breakfast


Acording to experts, the logic is pretty simple

Whenever we eat food it is converted into glucose and absorbes into the blood, hence when we have exercise after having our breakfast our body uses glucose obtain from the breakfast instead of fats stored in the fat tissues to produce energy

However when we exercise before having breakfast, as our body has fasted during sleep there is less glucose available in our blood to produce energy. Hence the pre-breakfast exercise forces our body to use more fats stored in fat tissues to produce energy thus causing us to burn more fats

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